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How cool is this fabulous day bed? If you're like me and prefer to have unique pieces in your home this boat-bed is the ideal focal and talking point. Practical and functional, it would be easy to while away a few hours gently swaying.

Found this great idea in episode 107 Quilting Arts TV.? They have some instructions on their website to go with the video.? I made a couple of purses over the weekend to try out the simple design.?

accent pillow case baby burlap outdoor

Us last minute Christmas folks are of quite a high number - we are about equal though, to those who breeze through their Christmas planning and have everything complete in the first week of December (if not before). It is this breed of Christmas folk that find decorating and choosing a festive style a real joy; they seem to have so much free time on their hands to muse over the possibilities.

canvas throw pillow covers

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